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FLOIM M6 Meeting

General Adama, Dublin

FLOIM partners in Dublin to discuss the future actions of the project

The first Consortium meeting since the project Kick Off is hosted in Dublin by Adama Innovations, where some of the control systems of the project will be developed and micro manufacturing technologies investigated.

FLOIM partners get together after the initial semester of the project to discuss its strategy plan: within this first stage, the optical functionalities that each demonstrator has to incorporate have been defined and the optical design will be developed in the next months. In parallel, different technologies will be investigated for generating the structures needed to achieve the optical functionalities required, while performing injection moulding tests to evaluate the materials suitability for the project applications.

Along the two-days meeting, the partners  had some spare time to visit the city and enjoy a delightful dinner at The Pig Ear.
  • FLOIM partners during a technical discussion at Adama facilities