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Young Minds: Sina Nahvi

General Chemnitz, Germany
Sina Nahvi, Fraunhofer IWU

Sina Nahvi, with a master degree in automation, works as Data Scientist at Fraunhofer IWU where "facing new challenges and creating added value from the existing data" is what he finds the most interesting in his position.

What is your background (Degree, Master Degree, PhD on…)?
I have a bachelor degree in electrical engineering with focus on control engineering and a master degree in automation.

What is your role within the FLOIM project? How do you expect your work in FLOIM project will contribute to your career development?

I apply machine learning algorithms to data obtained from the production line of optoelectronic devices to intelligently control the process parameters of manufacturing chain in order to achieve zero defects.

What are the activities in your current positon that you find the most interesting and why?
Facing new challenges and creating added value from the existing data are the most interesting activities in my position. 

What are the main opportunities you identify in your optoelectronics-related field in terms of career development?
Advanced methods are highly required in this field for modelling and optimizing the manufacturing process of high-quality parts. This gives researchers a great opportunity to promote their creativity and to develop new methods.

Advice for future professionals in this field? This is a career for you if….
Are enthusiastic about science, research and new technologies.