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Online meetings become the main communication channel in FLOIM


FLOIM members hold another online meeting to discuss the current status of the project and agree on the next steps to follow.

While the current pandemic is affecting the way the members of FLOIM project are used to work, the Consortium keep their compromise to improve the current manufacturing of optoelectronic components. 

During the meeting, the members decided the strategy to follow in the next few months to fulfill the project goals, after an overview of the work current status: an active mould positioning system has been fully developed by Fraunhofer-IWU, as well as an in-mould OCT monitoring system by RECENDT. These two elements will help increase the quality yield of embedded injection moulded optics on optoelectronic devices, avoiding positioning and alignment errors, as well as controlling the quality of the final product. 

In April, a review meeting with the European Commission will take place online, where the FLOIM members look forward to inform of their achievements and the future plans of the project.