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Young Minds: Jaime Cuartero

General Spain
Jaime Cuartero

Jaime Cuartero, with a Master Degree in Industrial Engineering, is currently working at AIMEN research centre as a Researcher in the Advanced Laser MicroManufacturing Applications department. For him, the FLOIM project "has been a really enriching experience that has provided me with valuable knowledge"

What is your background (Degree, Master Degree, PhD on…)?

I’m a Mechanical Engineer with a Master Degree in Industrial Engineering.

What inspired you to pursue a career in an optoelectronics-related field? 
During my Master Degree I was given the chance to explore the laser technology research field. This opportunity woke up my interest and motivated me to deepen into this topic.

What is your role within the FLOIM project? How do you expect your work in FLOIM project will contribute to your career development?
My role consists on giving support to the coordination and management activities. Additionally, I am also involved on the techno-economic assessment of the project.
FLOIM has been my first time participating in a European project, so it has been a really enriching experience that has provided me with valuable knowledge.

What are the activities in your current position that you find the most interesting and why?
My position as junior researcher in laser micro-manufacturing has allowed me to perform a wide variety of activities, exploring different processes and applications and learning how to handle multiple equipment and laser devices. 

What are the main opportunities you identify in your optoelectronics-related field in terms of career development? 
I think that optoelectronics and laser technology are both really dynamic fields with a big impact on the industry. Techniques and processes are continuously being improved and the number of potential applications is constantly growing. 

Advice for future professionals in this field? This is a career for you if….
I would recommend this career for those young researchers interested in physics and photonics. However, I think that the variety of possible applications make this field adequate for people coming from different backgrounds such as industry, medicine, telecommunications, etc.