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Deliverable Spain

Women in Science: Noemí Domínguez

Noemí Domínguez always has been curious to find out how the world works and discovered photonics in the last year of her career, which made her find her place in the world of science. Now, she works at SnellOptics as an Optical Engineer.

General Germany

Young Minds: Tim Wunderlich

Tim Wunderlich works as Software Engineer at Fraunhofer IWU. Within FLOIM he is responsible for the software architecture that will obtain data from the production line and pre-process it for the subsequent Machine Learning algorithms.

General Ireland

Young Minds: Majid Fazeli Jadidi

Majid Fazeli, with a PhD in Physics Engineering, works at present at Adama Innovations as Project Research Scientist. For him, work within FLOIM project "will provide outstanding scientific experiences that will pave the way for my career development".

General Irland

Women in Science: M. Daniela Angione

M. Daniela Angione works at Adama Innovations from 2018 as Strategic R&D Manager, where between other tasks she is in charge of FLOIM project. Her career in science happened very naturally and since she was 10 years old, she started reading the Scientific America.

General Chemnitz, Germany

Young Minds: Sina Nahvi

Sina Nahvi, with a master degree in automation, works as Data Scientist at Fraunhofer IWU where "facing new challenges and creating added value from the existing data" is what he finds the most interesting in his position.

General Cambridge, UK

Women in Science: May Wheeler

May Wheeler, with a vocation that comes from school, works as Senior Research Engineer at FlexEnable, as part of the System Design Team. There, as she says: "I like coming up with new ideas which change the way things are typically done".

General O Porriño, Spain

Young Minds: Félix Ares

Félix Ares works as a researcher in the Advanced Laser MicroManufacturing Applications (ALMMA) department at AIMEN. It was taking a course about laser technology at University, when he realized he wanted to continue studying the laser technologies fields.

General Chemnitz, Germany

Women in Science: Anke Stoll

Anke Stoll is a passionate mathematician who has always been linked to science. With a PhD in Materials Science, actually she is working as the Group Leader Data-Mining and Machine Learning at the Fraunhofer IWU in Chemnitz, Germany.

General O Porriño, Spain

Women in Science: Nerea Otero

It was when she was a teenager that Nerea Otero decided to dedicate herself to the world of science. Currently, she works as researcher at AIMEN where she is the team leader of the ALMMA (Advanced Laser MicroManufacturing Applications) group.