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Micro-replication of high precision optically enhanced moulds fabricated by multiphoton polymerization

Authors: Sara Vidal, Félix Ares, Ivette Coto, Francisco Gontad, Tamara Delgado, Pablo Romero, Nerea Otero (AIMEN)


In-mould measurement with optical coherence tomography for compensating positioning error in injection overmoulding of optoelectronic devices

Authors: Günther Hannesschläger, Martin Schwarze, Elisabeth Leiss-Holzinger, Christian Rankl


Nanometric Measurement of Microcavity Filling During Polymer Injection Moulding Using Interferometric Sensing

Authors: Majid Fazeli Jadidi, Graham L. W. Cross (ADAMA)


In Situ Detection of Interfacial Flow Instabilities in Polymer Co-Extrusion Using Optical Coherence Tomography and Ultrasonic Techniques

Authors: Alexander Hammer,Wolfgang Roland, Maximilian Zacher, Bernhard Praher, Günther Hannesschläger, Bernhard Löw-Baselli, Georg Steinbichler (RECENDT)


Manufacturing of functional surfaces by replicating glass moulds structured by multiphoton polymerization.

Authors: Sara M. Vidal Álvarez, Francisco José Gontad Fariña, Nerea Otero Ramudo, Félix Ares Blanco, Maria Ivette Coto Moretti, Tamara Delgado García, Pablo Romero Romero (AIMEN)


Femtosecond laser fabrication of monolithic double volume phase-gratings in glass

Authors: J. J. Azkona, M. Gómez-Aranzadi, A. Rodriguez, T. Morlanes, J. L. de la Peña, and S. M. Olaizola (CEIT)


Mould integrated mechatronic fixture for error compensation in injection over-moulding of optoelectronic devices

Authors: Rentzsch, H.; Perz, S.; Schwarze, M. (Fraunhofer)


Manufacturing of moulds by multiphoton polymerization for micro-replication of optically enhanced surfaces

Authors: Otero, N.; Vidal, S.; Ares, F.; Coto, I.; Gontad, F.; Delgado, T.; Romero, P. (AIMEN)


Femtosecond laser microtexturing for injection moulding of optoelectronic devices

Authors: Gomez-Aranzadi, M.; Matey, L.; Azkona, J.J.; Rodriguez, A.; Domínguez, N.; Gámez, D.; Pizarro, C.; Olaizola, S.M. (CEIT)